How it works

Info Army combines small contributions from regular people and turns them into real effort to help promote healthy changes that are in the best interests of contributors instead of wealthy corporations. In a nutshell it’s GoFundMe to specifically fight misinformation in targeted ways.

Everything starts with a campaign, here’s an example:

Gas utilities see natural gas bans as a threat to their business, said David Pomerantz, the executive director of the Energy and Policy Institute, a climate advocacy and utility watchdog group.

“They are scared about building electrification, and they are lobbying aggressively,” he said.

Gunnison, CO wanted to make a common-sense change to their building code, the “city floated a building code update with an option to require wiring and plugs so future residents could easily switch from gas to electric appliances.” In response,

Atmos Energy quickly launched a multipronged campaign to defeat the policy.

This effort by a fossil-fuel company could have easily been offset with an Info Army campaign in the amount of about $20k. This campaign would have provided detailed and specific recommendations regarding how to best achieve the goal along with real help with advertising, printing, and organization of the campaign itself. If the concerned citizens of Gunnison wanted a partner to help them beat Atmos Energy in a fair fight, Info Army could have helped.

By providing advice, planning, and assistance with both launch preparation and execution, we helping sensible causes win out over corporate bullying.